Sunday Club

Children are very welcome at Duddingston Kirk.

Sunday Club 2022

After an all too long break due to the pandemic the Sunday club has restarted! It is being run by the newly appointed Youth & Families Worker, Nikky.  

Nikky will be focused initially on getting our Sunday Club back into gear and then working alongside our Youth Organisations.  

The Sunday Club is for children aged 3 up to Primary 7 and meets every Sunday. It runs alongside the Worship service which takes place in the church. Occasionally the Sunday Club remains in the Worship service when an intergenerational service is taking place.
Children gather with the full congregation in the church at 10.30 am and after a short time in Worship they leave with the Sunday Club leaders to go to their own activities. Both the Sunday Club and the Worship service finish at 11.30 am. This means that adults who are accompanying their children for Sunday Club can remain in the Worship service and collect their children following Worship.

During the times when children are with the full congregation, there is a Toy Box corner in the East Transept (turn left at the end of the left-hand aisle). Children are welcome to use the Toy Box. Adults accompanying the children are asked to sit close by to provide supervision.

For children aged 0–2 years, there is a space with resources provided in the Sunday Club rooms where they can play under adult supervision. At present we don’t have leaders who can supervise this, so ask accompanying adults to provide supervision for their own children.

Note: Children aged 0–2 years accompanied by adults are welcome to opt either to remain in the church go to the crèche space in the Sunday Club Rooms. There is easy access in and out of the worship space through the back door in the East Transept.