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The Kirk and Millar Hall are located on Old Church Lane, Duddingston Village, Edinburgh, EH15 3PX on the south-east side of the Queen’s Park.

The Church Hall, McGregor Room and Car Park are accessed from Duddingston Road West.

Duddingston Kirk
5 Old Church Lane
EH15 3PX

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Travel Information

The nearest bus service to Duddingston Kirk is the Lothian Buses Number 42.
This stops on Duddingston Road West.
You can view other bus connections on their website.

Car Parking
Duddingston Kirk’s car park is located beside the Church Hall.
It is accessed from Duddingston Road West.
We have a 50-space free car park available, including spaces reserved for the disabled.

There is very little space for parking near the Kirk entrance on Old Church Lane.

NOTE: the road through Holyrood Park to Duddingston is usually closed to vehicles on Sundays.

There are cycle racks in the car park beside the Church Hall and inside the gates to the drive, halfway along Old Church Lane.

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