Kirk helping Ukrainian refugees


April 2024 will be two years since members of the World Church set up a project and appealed for funds from the congregation to support refugees fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. Subsequently, we are now supporting three Ukrainian families across two properties within our parish.

The World Church Group invited these families to the Light Show at the Castle during the festive period and a good time was had by all who came along. The families also attended the church on 7th January to hear the Moderator initiate our 900th anniversary celebration and socialised afterwards in the hall. To those of us who spoke with them, it was clear how they have thrived since their arrival and how grateful they are to you for your generosity. There is another chance to chat with them at the Lunar New Year Banquet in February if you are attending.

Their language skills have improved dramatically, the children participate in school and sport, and three of the adults work and attend college. The other mother is heavily engaged in supporting her two year old son who thankfully is now recovering from leukaemia.

Another piece of good news is that we have received assurances from the owners of the properties the families live in, to extend the leases for another year after the current leases end in April/May. This is a great relief and we are indebted to the support of the owners.

Our fund to support the families is healthy and should cover our costs until next year when we will re-evaluate our position. The original request for funding was for monthly contributions for two years. The World Church Group is not asking for funding beyond this time and expect the majority of contributors to cease payments this Spring/ Summer.

We must hope and pray that peace returns to their Ukrainian homeland soon but until it does we will continue to care for them

Thank you
Ukraine flag

Duddingston Kirk, as a congregation, has initiated a project to assist Ukrainian refugees fleeing from the war in their country. In particular, the project seeks to support the relocation of refugees in our area, by offering accommodation and other support they may require to help establish themselves in our community.

It is anticipated that support for the project will be required for a period of 2 years.  
To this end, we have setup a restricted fund within our accounts to provide financial support as part of the wider support package. This Restricted Fund will be used to, but not limited to, pay rent, utilities and living expenses. These funds will not be used for any other purpose but should the fund, at some point in the future, no longer be needed then any surplus funds will be donated to Christian Aid’s Refugee appeal.

At present the project is adequately funded thanks to the generosity off all who made donations and to the support of the property owners.

A BIG thank-you to all who have supported this effort so far.

Yours, Rev Dr Jim Jack.